Men's Alpha Compression Paddling Short

$30.00 $60.00

A BREAKTHROUGH IN FRICTION FREE PADDLING: We spend a lot of time on the water, and we go to great lengths to use excellent technique and form to power our water toys with full body power and elegant rotation. But doing so often involves a dreaded shower afterwards when we pay the salt piper's price for our beloved, friction inducing workouts with the unmissable "paddler's rash" that will replace even the strongest post workout endorphin buzz with a curse word laden scream that would make a drunk pirate blush. The Faster Farther Alpha short is specifically designed to radically reduce the amount of chaffing a paddler encounters by enabling excellent rotation and significantly reduce friction in the cockpit. The Faster Farther Alpha shorts offer a compression fit, are highly breathable and seam free in all the right places including an innovative groin panel design that keeps dangly bits chafe free.

• Designed for maximum rotation and friction free paddling

• Ultra breathable fabrics and premium construction

• Neoprene seat pad for comfort and rotation

US Sizing Guide:
XS: 26" to 28"
S: 28" to 30"
M: 30" to 32"
L: 32" to 34" 
XL: 34" to 36"+