Women's Omega Paddling Shorts



The Women's Faster Farther Omega short is specifically designed for women paddlers to radically reduce the amount of chaffing a paddler encounters by enabling excellent rotation and significantly reduce friction. The Omega shorts offer a compression fit, are highly breathable and seam free in all the right places including an innovative groin panel that designed to keep you chafe free.

But even more important, these shorts are not Unisex. This is a big deal, because female paddlers shouldn't have to use men's wear, which just doesn't fit well or look good. Not cool! To get this design right, we tested numerous rounds of prototypes with a variety of paddlers, and kept making improvements until we knew we had something great.

• A women's specific product

• Designed for maximum rotation and friction free paddling

• Ultra breathable fabrics and premium construction

• A gender specific paddling short for perfect fit

• NOTE: Runs one size small