For the athlete, the nearly universal question of “How fast and how far can I go?” applies both to the metrics of physical performance, as well as the unique dimensions of personal development. We find great joy through the act of overcoming challenges of all types with progressive and systematic, incremental improvement in both areas.

But how we answer that great question is where the magic happens. Literally, magic. Not the fairy dust kind pedaled to gullible children. The practical make your life better kind that you can touch and feel. But practical magic involves more than just using premium materials with excellent fit and finish... it demands inspiration.

Faster Farther was founded on the belief that the inspired athlete is a happy athlete. We believe an inspired athlete will be able to go faster, farther. And if you can binge on self-inflicted pain and smash demons real or imagined while looking fabulous, then you'll know it's magic indeed.

Over the next few months, you’ll see a distinct creative vision take shape in many forms, some familiar and some entirely new. And hopefully, we’ll inspire you enough to become a part of your journey.

Together, we’ll go someplace terrific.

Nicholas Cryder
Founder & Creative Director
Faster Farther